Version 1.0.4
  1. Fixed critical bug in Apple App version 1.0.3. The menu was missing.
Version 1.0.3
  1. Fixed flicking then aiming bug.
  2. Global scores should update everytime they are viewed now.
Version 1.0.2
  1. Fixed problem with Flip going backwards.
  2. Displayed version number on main menu.
  3. Verified that there is no problem with scores on Android
  4. Confirmed Bug: If you shoot almost all the way to the sides and then aim several times while the brick is flicking, it can get stuck. If this happens, start a new game and press flick. You should be able to flick the stuck brick again. Solution: don't aim while flicking, at least to the extreme sides, until a solution is found.
Version 1.0.1
  1. Fixed peace symbol bug.
Version 1.0
  1. Peace symbol, when used in lowest row, leaves peace signs on grid.
  2. High Score works intermittently. (not confirmed)
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